∞ Play free Mac games and vote in uDevGames 2011

If you’re a Mac gamer and you’d like to play some new titles for free, get yourself over to uDevGames and check out this year’s contest.

uDevGames is an annual event in which Mac developers compete for fun and prizes, developing new games in a three month period. You get to download and play them. Past events have resulted in more than 150 games produced by independent Mac game developers around the world. The source code for each entry is released back into the community, to help inspire other developers to do great work.

This year’s crop of entrants include Convergence, a retro game that plays (and looks) a lot like the Adventure cartridge for the Atari 2600; Flying Sweden, an offbeat strategy game in which you must defend your flying Sweden from a terrific onslaught using an Ikea with a giant cannon; the kicky-punchy action game Kung Fu Killforce, a Gyruss homage called Z1, and more.

If playing the games for free wasn’t incentive enough for you to download, uDevGames is also giving away $100 worth of iTunes gift cards to random voters.

There are 16 entries in all, but you only have two days to vote for your favorite, so hurry up!