∞ Hands On with the iPhone 4S

I just spent about 30 minutes with Apple’s iPhone 4S and thought I’d give you my initial thoughts.

First the iPhone 4S is exactly the same size as the existing iPhone 4. I laid my iPhone on top of the iPhone 4S and there were no discernible changes to the design.

Even the rounded corners of the device were the same. Length, width and height all seem to be identical on the devices.

What is a bit different are the number of black bands that are on the iPhones. The current model has three bands — one on each side on the bottom, and one on the top. The iPhone 4S has four bands — two on the top and two on the bottom.

The bands are where Apple houses the antennas for the device. The Wi-Fi, wireless and Bluetooth technologies use these areas. It’s not clear at this point if Apple moved any antennas or what they added the extra band.

The real big difference with the iPhone 4S is with its processing power. Of course, having the A5 processor is huge, because it can easily handle Apple’s more advanced technology like its voice assistant, Siri.

The increased processing power also allows developers to continue to push the envelope on the complexity of apps that are built for gaming, productivity and other applications.

Overall, the power of the iPhone 4S is impressive. Being able to use apps like Siri will be fun, but we’ll have to wait to see what coverage and call quality are like.