∞ I follow people, not companies

I was having a beer and talking to someone at WWDC (I can’t remember who — probably the beer’s fault) and he pointed out something that is true for me too. I follow people, not companies.

That holds true for RSS feeds and Twitter. I’m not so much interested what news a Web site has, but I’m really very interested in what some writers have to say about the news.

I have a folder in my RSS application that is specifically for those people. I’m sure you can guess most of the names in there, but that is the folder that I pay the most attention to during the day.

When companies post news, they go into a Tech or Mac folder and I’ll skim the headlines to see if there’s anything earth shattering. Most of the time, there’s not.

I understand that many people like to follow companies on Twitter because they don’t like all of the chatter of the individuals. That’s certainly true in some cases too.

That’s why we have an account for The Loop, my personal account and Peter’s personal account. A little something for everyone.

However, as I look through Twitter and my RSS, I see an increasing trend to follow and engage individual writers, musicians and other people that I find interesting.

I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone, but thought it was a worthwhile trend to mention.