∞ Logitech Harmony Link bridges iOS/home entertainment connection

Logitech on Tuesday introduced the Harmony Link, a new system that connects an iOS or Android device to your home entertainment system and turns it into a sophisticated wireless remote control. It’s a combination of hardware and software, and it will go on sale in October for $99.99.

The Harmony Link hardware connects your home Wi-Fi network, and receives signals from the iOS device – iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, equipped with software which will be available for free download from the App Store closer to launch. The hockey puck-sized device controls up to eight home entertainment peripherals using a “mini-blaster” accessory tuned to the infrared communication frequency commonly used by the wireless remote controls that operate those devices.

More than 5,000 brands of remotes are support, according to Logitech, and the IR sensor on the Harmony Link interface can “learn” commands from remotes, too.

The accompanying app enables you to perform functions like volume control, video playback and other operations using swipes and taps. What’s more, the Harmony Link device supports communication with multiple devices, so each user can operate devices independently without having to fight over a common iPhone or iPad. And if you’re using the software on an iPad, Harmony Link also supports a television guide that provides show and movie information.