∞ iPad gamers number 8 million +


Market research firm Interpret has issued a new report “iPad Gamers: A Look at the Users of Gaming’s Shiny New Toy,” which Interpret says “demonstrates that Apple’s popular tablet computer is both drawing the attention of traditional console gamers and developing its own new user base of nontraditional gamers.”In fact, the base of iPad gamers in the U.S. has now grown to over 8 million, the firm claims. 71% of iPad owners in the U.S. use the Apple tablet for gaming, and Interpret says that these owners “include a substantial number of traditional gamers, as well as an ever-bigger proportion of non-traditional gamers.”

It certainly shouldn’t be a surprise, given the widespread popularity of gaming on the iPhone, but it should be reassuring to game developers considering the iPad as a platform to know that there’s already a large and growing audience for their products.