∞ Hate Windows 8 already? Grow up, loser

Mat Honan, for Gizmodo:

If you’re not intrigued by Windows 8 and Metro, if you can’t recognize that it’s a big leap forward, if you’re not excited about what it means for you, personally then you don’t really care about technology; you care about brands. You care about platforms. You care about politics. You’re a fanboy.Look, we all lean certain ways. I have my own set of preferences. I tend to vote for Democrats and buy Apple products. But that’s because they tend to support my priorities, not vice-versa. If the Democrats suddenly turned their backs on science, or Apple began pushing out products with buggy cluttered interfaces, I’d look elsewhere. I don’t really get those who treat brands like sports teams, offering blind allegiance over self-interest. That’s just zealotry. God bless that file system; my platform, right or wrong.The older I get the less I trust anyone who puts party or platform over the advancement of society.

I agree with Mat wholeheartedly. Use what you want to use – Windows, Android, OS X, iOS, whatever. Just stop being such a dick about it.