∞ Reading Rainbow gets iPad reboot

Fast Company:

LeVar Burton, a children’s literacy advocate and a former star of Star Trek: The Next Generation, plans to make an ambitious comeback, giving the once-loved Reading Rainbow brand a 21st-century upgrade. Burton’s for-profit venture, RRKidz, plans to launch an educational iPad app that lets children explore topics of interest–such as, say space–in a multimedia-rich environment, with voice-over-enhanced children’s books, familiar videos of Burton at real-life places (like NASA), and, of course, games. Burton tells Fast Company he’s on a mission to “get kids hooked on books,” and says his company is “going to where kids are today; those devices that they love to spend time on.”

Anything that improves childhood literacy is okay in my book, if you’ll pardon the pun. Burton’s Reading Rainbow helped get a generation of kids excited about reading; let’s hope that RRKidz has the same effect.

(Hat tip: Kelly Guimont)