∞ Arrington rips on TechCrunch editor Schonfeld

Arrington took issue with a story and posted in the TechCrunch forums:

Erick, I’m still an AOL employee through tomorrow (15th). Also, as you know I had significant input into this list of finalists and spoke to Heather [Techcrunch CEO] for over an hour last night about them. My final list is somewhat different from this one, though, but we agree on four of the companies.Please be careful making statements on my behalf. And remember that reader trust is what matters. You shouldn’t say ‘he was not involved in the final selection of these companies’ just because it sounds nice. Since it isn’t true, you shouldn’t say it at all.Also, going forward, I don’t know if I’ll be disclosing our investments to TechCrunch.

Fresh wounds.