∞ Apple bloggers 'flustered' by Windows 8?

Boy Genius Report has a glowing piece on Windows 8 that they say ushers in the “post-post-PC era.”

In the story, “Sorry Apple, Windows 8 ushers in the post-post-PC era,” BGR makes some pretty amazing claims. As you can guess, I don’t agree with the assertions.

The reception, as you’ve likely read by now, has been overwhelmingly positive.

Joanna Stern from This is my next… describes Windows 8 like this:

“If we’re going to be totally honest though, we’d describe Windows 8 right now as incoherent and contradictory.”

In fact, Apple bloggers were apparently so flustered by the platform that they resorted to bombarding Twitter with jokes about cooling fans and Silverlight instead of stopping for a moment to realize that Microsoft is showing us the future of computing.

Like most people, I was shocked with the stupidity of putting a fan in a tablet. I wasn’t flustered, I was laughing my ass off. That’s why I made the joke about needing a fan. If a tablet has noticeable fan noise and heat, you lose.

Again, Joanna Stern’s observations:

“However, fan noise is very noticeable, as is the heat coming out of the top vent.”

Apple paved the way but Microsoft will get there first with Windows 8.

There’s an assumption that Apple’s in the same race as Microsoft. Apple developed the course, the rules and the vehicles. Microsoft is along for the ride at this point.

A tablet that can be as fluid and user friendly as the iPad but as capable as a Windows laptop.

Microsoft is trying to have it both ways.

We are not living in a “post-PC” era today any more than we were on January 26th, 2010, the day before Apple unveiled the magical iPad.

Of course we are. Apple outlined its vision for what will follow the traditional computer and it is the iPad. Millions of sales later and we have the start to a post-PC era.

At that point in time, Apple will be able to offer a computing solution that is infinitely more versatile and capable than the company’s current solutions. A solution like Windows 8.

I just threw up in my mouth.

If the iPad ushered in the post-PC era, then welcome to the post-post-PC era.

The iPad ushered in an era. It’s an era that Microsoft is trying to build on and that’s great for them, but you can’t say that another era has started based on the preview of a product.

When Windows 8 is released and millions of people choose that over the iPad, then you can safely say that Microsoft ushered in something — until then, they have nothing.