∞ SceneChat enables real-time commenting, social sharing of video

SceneChat is a new startup that is taking the concept of commenting and sharing of videos to a whole new level.

Open today as a limited beta, the system is designed specifically for embedded videos on a Web site. The service allows you to comment on specific moments in the content.

Videos can be shared through Facebook and Twitter. Here’s how it works: You share a URL to a specific moment in the video — when people click on it, they go to your Web site and the video goes to the moment you chose.

That means that you don’t have to load a YouTube video and scroll to the point where an annotation may be. With SceneChat, you’re already there.

According to the company, SceneChat installs with just a couple lines of JavaScript – simply cut and paste them into the Web page. All supported videos embedded on the corresponding pages are automatically enabled with a dropdown menu to allow SceneChat socialization.

This means no changes are needed to the site’s layout or video players to accommodate the SceneChat functionality.

The company also said that in addition to providing time-synced public or private conversations, SceneChat also enables real-time interaction and threaded replies, as well as Facebook integration that generates notifications and allows comments made or deleted in SceneChat to map to Facebook posts (if a user so desires).

Content creators interested in participating in the initial closed Beta are encouraged to email [email protected].

SceneChat plans to offer an open beta in the next 30 days with a full product release in the fourth quarter of 2011.