∞ Saks 5th Ave. storefront features 64 iPads, 18 Apple Cinema displays

Now that’s an interactive storefront.

To celebrate Fashion’s Night Out, Saks and Stylelist.com have partnered to create an interactive storefront at Saks’ flagship 5th Avenue store.

Designed, developed and built by Gin Lane Media the three-window display features 64 iPad 2s in the center window and nine 27-inch Cinema Displays in each of the two side windows.

The display will feature original Stylelist imagery, streaming content, tweets from around the Web and user-submitted photos with the #StylelistatSaks hashtag.

“The iPads are running a native iPad application specifically built for the installation,” said Dan Kenger, Digital Creative Director at Gin Lane Media. “Using a local network, which we setup, we are able to get all the iPads to talk to each other as well as perfect the timing to produce elegant fades and control what device should display what.”