∞ GuitarApprentice.com opens on Tuesday


GuitarApprentice.com is a video system that takes the guitar part of hit songs and breaks them into easy portions on multiple levels so that they are as painless and fun to learn as a video game. On the lowest level, the player only plays a portion of the guitar part, while GuitarApprentice.com plays the rest. The player gets to rock out with the entire song by playing only a few chords. As the player improves he moves up through the different levels playing gradually and increasing portions of the guitar part. By the time the player reaches the highest level, he is playing the entire song and ready for the stage! At GuitarApprentice.com a player can download the free trial song of the week or subscribe to the entire catalog. New songs are added weekly. There is no need to read music—a player just lines up his fingers as shown on the fretboards moving down the screen and strums any guitar as the fretboards drop into place.

I’ll be very interested to see how this does.