∞ Study: iPad users spend most time with news, play games most frequently

Localytics reports that iPad users spend a great deal of time reading news on their devices – more than twice the average length of time than other apps. Music, health and reference apps followed.

Localytics noticed that iPad users spend a less than average amount of time per session playing games on their iPads, however. While games generate a small amount of time spent per session, they top the number of sessions per month of any kind of app Localytics measured – an average 13 sessions per month, compared to five sessions per month for news and music apps, the next closest category.

Localytics’ Daniel Ruby suspects that iPad users are prone to playing “short, more casual games” rather than longer time-consuming ones. Sports apps see similarly short engagement times. Localytics suspects iPad users are checking scores rather than reading sports stories and news.