∞ $999 iMac for education sacrifices power for low price

Apple on Monday began to offer a 21.5-inch iMac computer tailored specifically for educational institutions. The model cuts a bunch of features available in the base model iMac, which is priced $200 more at $1199 ($150 more with the education discount).

The educational iMac eschews a 2.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor and replaces it with an i3 processor clocked at 3.1GHz instead. The educational iMac also comes with a smaller hard drive, less RAM and less graphics memory as its retail counterpart. What’s more, it lacks Thunderbolt, the high-speed I/O port that’s become standard-issue on most new Macs that Apple has released since late 2010.

This isn’t the first time Apple’s offered a desktop machine tailored only for sale to educational institutions – it’s previously done it with both the iMac and the eMac, which started life as an education-only SKU.

(Hat tip: MacRumors)