∞ RIM customers try to save the PlayBook

A forum user at CrackBerry.com made a suggestion to fellow PlayBook owners to help save the device.

The primary problem at the retail outlets seems to be sleeping PlayBooks that nobody knows how to wake up, along with hidden gestures and bezel swipes that nobody has a clue exist. So the demo units sit there with a black screen.

I don’t think that’s the main problem with the PlayBook. The fact that it can’t do anything when it does wake up is more of a problem. And really? People can’t figure out how to wake it up? Perhaps they have no interest.

Buy a document holder at Staples or Office Depot, it might cost you ten bucks but so what – it’s your contribution to the future of your PlayBook.Walk in with it in a shopping bag, and simply place it next to the PlayBook it’s easy- mission accomplished, and thank you for using your energy in a positive way! If there is already one there, you will know there is a fellow Crackhead in your neighborhood that beat you to it.

Well, no. My contribution to a product is the purchase price. If the company making it is so incompetent that they can’t make a device that works, they don’t get any more of my money or time.