∞ FOSS Patents back online after a short outage

Florian Mueller at FOSS Patents:

There was some speculation on Twitter about it in light of the fact that I’m vocal about the intellectual property issues facing Android and WebM — just like I’m vocal about issues involving and concerning various other companies. All of my concerns are based on my convictions, and such concerns have repeatedly been proven right. It’s certainly not implausible at all that someone who disagrees with me (who could be employed by whichever company) might have attempted to hack my account and thereby triggered the suspension of my account and all of my Google services, including this blog. Since I frequently change my password and use very long (in this case, more than 40 characters) and safe (a random mix of lower-case letters, upper-case letters, numbers and symbols) passwords, brute-force algorithms that try out huge numbers of passwords in a short period of time wouldn’t realistically succeed in actually getting access. However, it appears that such activity then triggers a suspension.

Good to have Florian back online. He gives some of the best patent perspective on the Web.