∞ AT&T to begin throttling data speeds

9to5 Mac:

A new change for AT&T Wireless’ Unlimited Data subscribers will soon be taking place. Rumored to be starting in the first week of October, we’ve heard that AT&T will start throttling the data speeds of the network’s top data hogs. As Verizon (PDF) and Virgin have recently done, AT&T will be adopting a similar plan to try to curb the problem of data congestion and overall network issues that have hurt its 3G network’s performance since the onset of the iPhone.

It doesn’t come as a big surprise that AT&T would start doing this, but I can’t figure out how people use 2GB-4GB of data a month. This is the rumored limit before throttling will start. I know this for sure — if that’s the limit I have to reach, I’ll never have to worry about throttling.