∞ Stupid Apple Rumors tracks the accuracy of rumor stories

Shawn King:

One of the biggest frustrations I have is seeing so much bad, erroneous, poorly written and just plain “woolly-headed” information that often passes for news in the Mac Community. Any number of rumor sites have sprung up, any number of “journalists” pontificate, any number of online “sources” spew tidbits of information out to the masses, journalistic and otherwise, who gobble it up whole with no thought to whether it’s even true.

Your Mac Life host Shawn King has a new project he’s calling “Stupid Apple Rumors.” King’s goal is track Apple rumors and record, over time, how accurate the rumor is. That’s not all — he will also track how accurate a particular site and individual authors are in reporting rumors. To top it off, King has a section for sites that “ride the coattails” of a story. In other words, sites that parrot a rumor without adding anything to the story.

This, my friends, is going to be interesting.