∞ HBO releases Entourage tribute video on iTunes

This year marks the end of “Entourage,” one of my favorite HBO shows. The network released a special tribute about the show on iTunes.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]”Hollywood Sunset: A Farewell Tribute to Entourage” is an exclusive look at the show as “Entourage” creator Doug Allin, producer Mark Wahlberg and the stars of the hit series take a look back at the last seven seasons.

The special features memorable moments, interviews with prominent guests and original audition tapes of the cast.

“Entourage” follows the daily life of Vincent Chase, a Hollywood actor, his manager Eric, half brother Drama, and his friend Turtle. My favorite actor in the series is Jeremy Piven — truly one of the most talented actors around today.

For some reason, HBO tied the special program to the purchase of last year’s season of “Entourage.” That means if you want it, you have to purchase Season 7, which costs $18.99. Seems like a silly way to do things to me, but HBO must have its reasons.

The final season kicks off this Sunday.