∞ AAPL target price raised to price of original Apple I

“Brian White, Ticonderoga Securities: Reiterates a Buy rating and raises his price target from $612 to — Gasp! — $666! White raised his fiscal ’11 estimate to $109.1 billion in revenue and $27.58 from a prior $106.1 billion and $25.52 per share. He raised his fiscal ’12 estimate to $132.1 billion and $31.23 from a prior $130.9 billion and $29.41. ‘Looking into the second-half of 2011, we believe Apple enjoys the hottest tech portfolio for the back to school season and holidays. As such, we expect this rally to have legs and the 100 plus point uptick in the stock price that we have been highlighting is on track.'”

Other analysts raised their targets for Apple, too, though White’s seems the most sanguine. Any way you slice it, it seems that after yesterday’s earnings report, a lot of Wall Street agrees that Apple’s stock price is far from peaking.

Outside of the obvious Satanic implication, $666 has another important meaning for students of Apple history – it’s what the very first Apple computer, the Apple I, retailed for (more precisely, $666.66). (Woz and Jobs weren’t devil worshippers, btw – Woz just had a thing for repeating numbers, according to Apple folklore.)