∞ AT&T insurance picks up where AppleCare leaves off

AT&T will soon make its Mobile Insurance program available for iPhone users, MacRumors reports. The program costs $4.99 per month and carries a $50 or $125 deductible, as well.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]AT&T’s Mobile Insurance covers your handset against things that Apple’s own AppleCare program doesn’t, including loss, theft, accidental physical damage and liquid damage.

There are restrictions, of course. Most notably, this deal is only good on new handsets within 30 days of activation. So if you’re already mid-way through your iPhone 4 contract, this doesn’t apply to you. But if you or someone else on your plan is getting a new phone soon, it may be worth considering.

Obviously all the coverage adds up. By the end of a standard two-year contract, you’d have paid $120 plus whatever deductible is necessary; add that to the cost of AppleCare at another $69, and it’s arguable if it’s worth the money at all. But for the accident-prone, or the worry-prone, it may be worth the investment.

AT&T has offered iPhone insurance coverage before through an external underwriter which charged more for the privilege.