∞ Apple posts Final Cut Pro X FAQ

Apple has posted a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for Final Cut Pro X, its recently released pro video editing software. The FAQ seeks to answer some questions that users transitioning to the new software have asked.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Final Cut Pro X – now available for download from the Mac App Store, exclusively – has been one of Apple’s more controversial software introductions. The software is ostensibly the replacement for Final Cut Pro 7, which is used extensively in digital video and film editing.

But since its release earlier in June FCP X has been heavily criticized by FCP 7 users who say that it’s missing crucial features and functionality that they depend on to do their work – including no import function for existing FCP 7 projects. Some have even gone so far to deride FCP X as “iMovie Pro,” saying that it’s a more elaborate version of Apple’s video editing software aimed at amateurs and consumers.

In the FAQ, Apple acknowledges that there’s no way to import Final Cut Pro 7 projects, citing Final Cut Pro X’s “all-new project architecture.” Apple notes that FCP 7 can work side-by-side with FCP X, however, and that it will also work with Mac OS X “Lion” when it debuts in July.

FCP X supports video importing from many cameras including AVCHD models, though Apple acknowledges that some camera manufacturers will nee to update their plug-ins to support FCP X’s new 64-bit architecture. Apple has a similar comment about graphics and audio plug-ins.

Apple also notes that FCP X lacks support for “all the tape capture and output features” of its predecessor, and that multi-camera editing, while not supported today, is coming in the next major update. XML support is also coming in a future release, and Apple plans to release a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that will enable developers to create tools to support OML, AAF, EDL and other exchange formats.

Apple also notes that volume licensing is coming for quantities of 20 or more.