∞ Lodsys asks court for two month delay to answer Apple's motion to intervene

The week before last, Apple filed a motion to intervene in Lodsys’s lawsuit against seven app developers. I was hoping for Apple’s intervention to be allowed very soon, but we may all have to wait. Lodsys would have had to respond to Apple’s motion by June 27, 2011 (Monday) but just asked the court for additional time — for two months, in fact. Lodsys would like to have time until including August 27, 2011.

If Lodsys is given this delay, the court should also force it to stop sending out letters to developers. The court should also give all developers the same two month delay, so they can find out if Apple will represent them or not.

Lodsys asks for two more months to answer Apple’s motion to intervene and keeps sending letters to Android developers | Foss Patents