∞ RIM pressuring carriers to approve bug-ridden BlackBerrys

If you’ve noticed more problems with BlackBerrys than usual, there may be a very simple explanation — RIM is forcing carriers to overlook major issues with the devices.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to a report on BGR.com, RIM is pressuring carriers to accept devices that would not normally make it through the Technical Acceptance phase. If a device is rejected by the carrier due to buggy software or a problem with the device itself, it could delay a launch by weeks, something that RIM can’t afford right now.

“Additionally, RIM is putting huge pressure on its internal engineers to deliver Technical Acceptance bundles even when there are serious problems with the OS,” writes Jonathan Geller on BGR. “In short, RIM is pushing unfinished OS builds from its engineers to the carriers, and demanding that the carriers approve them.”

Apparently not all carriers are playing ball with RIM and approving all devices. BGR points to Rogers approving the BlackBerry Bold 9000, while AT&T waiting until November. The reason is that the device would not pass AT&T’s internal testing.