∞ Omni Group: Why they only develop for Apple and not Windows or Android

One of the most respected developers in the Apple community is Ken Case from the Omni Group. If you’ve wondered why some developers only make apps for Apple, Case has the answer for you.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]I’ve talked to a lot of developers, even at Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference, and asked them why they didn’t develop for other platforms. The answers all pretty much echoed what Case said tonight.

“Are there other successful platforms out there? Certainly! Could we make more money by bringing our software to those platforms? Maybe. But I don’t think that software would be any better than what we’ve already made, and it would distract us from improving the software we’ve written,” wrote Case.

A developer since the 1980s, Case said the goal of the people at the Omni Group was not to make as much money as possible, but rather make the best software they can.

“So, just as I chose twenty years ago to focus my attention on the tiny NeXT platform (which sold fewer systems in its entire history than Apple’s iPad sold in its first weekend), we’ve now chosen to focus our collective attention on what that platform has become — Apple’s Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPad platforms — platforms where we feel we can make our software the best it can be,” wrote Case.