∞ Motorola says 70% of returns are because of bad Android apps

There was some startling news from Motorola on Thursday as the company’s CEO spoke at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology conference.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola, of all the Android devices that are returned, 70 percent come back because of Android apps and the negative effect they have on performance.

According to an IDG News report on Thursday, Jha said Motorola is “beginning to understand the impact” that Android’s untested apps have on its devices.

Because Android’s Marketplace is an open environment, anyone can upload an app. Unfortunately, that leads to some less than optimal apps that users can download to their devices.

While some people may have a problem with Apple controlling the software and hardware with the iPhone and iPad, you cannot argue with the success the company has with its applications.

Apple has processes in place to catch bad apps and to work with developers (hopefully) to get those issues fixed. I don’t recall having any longterm problems with apps on my iPhone.

Quality hardware, quality operating system and quality developers.