∞ PlayBook vs. Etch A Sketch: A head-to-head battle

I was surprised with how many PlayBook fans were upset when I compared the device to the iPad 2. So I thought I’d try again.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to the emails I received, a comparison between the PlayBook and iPad 2 wasn’t fair. These comments came despite the fact that RIM’s co-CEOs blathered on about how much better the PlayBook was than the iPad.

So if comparing the iPad 2 isn’t fair, what is? There aren’t very many modern devices that don’t allow its users to send email or work with calendars.

So I went old school for this head-to-head. The PlayBook vs. the Etch A Sketch:

  • Etch A Sketch can’t get on the Internet
  • Neither can the Playbook
  • Etch A Sketch can’t send email
  • neither can the PlayBook
  • Kids love the Etch A Sketch
  • Kids don’t get the PlayBook
  • Adults can understand and use the Etch A Sketch
  • Adults don’t get the PlayBook
  • The Etch A Sketch can’t do Flash
  • PlayBook does Flash
  • You can create cool pics with the Etch A Sketch
  • PlayBook has Flash
  • Etch A Sketch has amazing sales
  • PlayBook not so much
  • Etch A Sketch has never been recalled
  • PlayBook was recalled in the first month
  • You can shake Etch A Sketch and erase the screen
  • Some PlayBooks don’t work whether you shake them or not
  • Etch A Sketch is featured in award winning films
  • PlayBook has its own flash commercials
  • You don’t need a Blackberry to use an Etch A Sketch
  • PlayBook needs a BlackBerry to get online
  • Etch A Sketch has had one model for decades
  • PlayBook announced 3 models before shipping anything