∞ Soundboard for iPad coming soon

Mac and iOS developer Ambrosia Software on Tuesday said it was bringing Soundboard to Apple’s iPad.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Soundboard is an app that features sounds that you can trigger by clicking — or tapping — on the appropriate onscreen pad. Soundboard is used by broadcasters, podcasters, and live event artists.

“Adapting a desktop computer application for a ‘new category’ portable device like the iPad can be challenging,” the company wrote on its blog. “First, you need to distill down what features people will want… which isn’t necessarily the same as the desktop version. Often people will be using the device in very different physical situations, and thus their expectations and priorities are different.”

Having said that, Ambrosia thinks they have most of it worked out. The app will include volume and ducking controls, so the user experience should be consistent.

Ambrosia didn’t give a release date, but said it should be available sometime in the “next few weeks.”