∞ RIM and Microsoft sitting in a tree…

I imagine as the world changed millions of years ago, Dinosaurs gathered together for comfort — yesterday proved the tech industry isn’t much different.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Not knowing how to deal with their changing world, two tech dinosaurs — Microsoft and RIM — joined forces on Tuesday to fight for their survival. So what is it these two monoliths came up with to fight off Apple and Google?

From the Bing blog:

Blackberry devices will use Bing as the preferred search provider in the browser, and Bing will be the default search and map application for new devices presented to mobile operators, both in the United States and internationally. Also, effective today Bing will be the preferred search and maps applications with regular, featured placement and promotion in the BlackBerry App World carousel.Bing is also now shipping as the default search experience, and map app, for the newly released BlackBerry Playbook. Together, we’ll also market and promote the strength of our joint offerings as “Making better decisions with Bing on BlackBerry.”

And they wonder why they are in trouble.

I have no doubt that having millions of existing BlackBerry users on Bing will help Microsoft’s search share — if the users don’t immediately switch to Google — and co-marketing will probably help both companies in some small ways.

Even with all the hubbub of the announcement, the bigger problems with both companies are still there. Fewer people want their products because they can’t compete in the new mobile landscape.

The proof of that came from RIM itself. Just last week the company lowered its profit outlook citing lower shipments of BlackBerrys.

I hope the CEOs enjoyed the high-fives yesterday because that’s as good as it’s going to get.