∞ RIM declares 'Amateur Hour is Over'

I saw a link on Twitter to a new ad campaign from RIM that states “Amateur Hour is Over.”

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]My first thought was that RIM had given up and taken the PlayBook off the market. Afterall, that is the only “amateur” tablet on the market. Turns out they are still selling it.

Then I thought maybe the co-CEOs quit and are turning the company over to someone who has vision and strategy. As it turns out, that is not true either.

Surely RIM couldn’t be talking about Apple.

RIM released a product conceived in a Holly Hobbie Oven, half-baked under a lightbulb and they have the nerve to say that Amateur Hour is Over? The only way that will happen is if RIM actually takes that piece of crap tablet off the market.

Interesting to note that while Apple is reporting record sales and profits, RIM on Thursday warned that it would not make its numbers in the next quarter.

Amateur hour indeed.