∞ When is a product like the iPhone 5 actually delayed?

The Internet has been buzzing with stories that Apple’s iPhone 5 has been delayed, but is it actually? Not really.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]The Loop first reported last month that Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) would not feature any major hardware news. Instead, the conference would go back to its roots and showcase what’s new for iOS and Mac OS X. In other words, things that are relevant to developers.

Coupled with Apple’s recent history of introducing a new iPhone at WWDC, many news outlets have determined that Apple has delayed the iPhone 5.

While I understand the reasoning and the methods used to come to this conclusion, it is flawed in one very basic point — Apple never said when it would announce the iPhone 5.

Some people will say that I’m playing word games by pointing out that Apple never announced a ship date, so the iPhone 5 can’t be late, but isn’t everyone else playing the same game by saying it is delayed.

Reports surfaced earlier this year that the iPad 2 was delayed too. It actually shipped earlier than expected and before the iPad’s first anniversary date.

From what my sources have told me, the iPhone 5 is right on schedule. Who’s schedule? Apple’s.

Like it or not, Apple doesn’t have to say when a new product is coming. If for some reason they have decided to change the release schedule to better suit its strategy, that’s a change, not a delay.