∞ Apple sued for sharing iPhone information with advertisers

Apple is being sued by two iPhone users who accuse the company of sharing identifying information from their iPhones with third-party advertisers.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Filed in the District of Puerto Rico by Natasha Acosta and Dolma Acevedo-Crespo, the lawsuit claims that Apple and a number of app developers capture the iPhone’s Unique Device ID (“UDID”) — the unique identifying number that Apple assigns to each of its iPhones and iPads — and transmits that information along with the device’s location data to third-party advertisers.

In addition to Apple, the lawsuit names GOGII, Pandora, BackFlip Studios, The Weather Channel, Dictionary.com, Outfit7, Room Candy, and Sunstorm Interactive.

“Some advertising networks pay App developers to place banner ads within their Apps,” wrote the lawyers in the lawsuit. “Those ads are then populated with content from the third-party advertising network. In the process, those third-party advertisers are able to access various pieces of information from the user’s iPhone, supposedly in order to serve ads to the App user that are more likely to be of interest to them.”

The lawsuit is asking for compensatory damages.