∞ Hogrocket, former console game developers, explain iOS push

Hogrocket is a new game developer formed by three former members of now-defunct game studio Bizarre Creations. A recent blog post from Hogrocket co-founder Ben Ward casts light on their decision to start out by making a game for iOS.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]For now, Hogrocket – Ben Ward, Pete Collier and Stephen Cakebread – is keeping that new game under wraps, but Ward explained their rationale to develop for iOS, citing interest from people who are surprised that this “console-centric team” would focus on a mobile platform.

“We can get closer to gamers” is Ward’s first bullet point. By not having a publisher in the way, Hogrocket can get closer to the community, fine-tune pricing and get a better idea more quickly of what gamers are looking for.

Ward also lauded the App Store’s workflow for managing updates. “We can compile a new version of the game, upload it to iTunes Connect, and it’ll be in the hands of gamers within a matter of days,” he said. Compare that, said Ward, to console work, “where these updates and fixes typically need to be batched together and rolled out in one mega-bundle (which can sometimes take months).”

Ward’s also a fan of touchscreen interfaces, calling them “an interesting new challenge.” He also explained that bootstrapped Hogrocket will spend less money to get an iOS title off the ground compared to a console game, and that game development will take less time for iOS than for other platforms.

Ward leaves Hogrocket’s access to other platforms open for the future, but says, “For now though we are concentrating on mobile, social and connected platforms.”

Liverpudlian console game developer Bizarre Creations was shuttered by Activision earlier this year after a 17 year run. The developer was best-known for its Project Gotham Racing titles, a popular series of car racing games available on the Xbox and Xbox 360, along with Geometry Wars and other titles.