∞ iPad generated $9.5 billion in revenue; everyone else $34 million

We all knew the iPad was dominant last year. It leads in market share and the mind share of consumers, but what about financially.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to a new report released today, spending on media tablets in 2010 was $9.6 billion. Of that, Apple’s iPad accounted for $9.566 billion — everyone else accounted for a combined $34 million.

That’s quite a gap and quite a lead for Apple, especially as we enter a time when more tablets are going to be released.

In the past little while, Motorola released the Xoom, Samsung has the Galaxy Tab and of course there is RIM. The PlayBook is due to arrive next month, but so far, it’s hard to imagine there is anything on the market that will overtake the iPad.

Apple sold about 15 million iPads in its first year on the market and the company just launched its second version. As with the first iPad, the iPad 2 was met with lines of people looking to purchase it.

Update: Updated the number for everyone else from $34,000 to $34 million.