∞ Hilarious first-timer's guide to WWDC

It’s nice when the old guard passes along some tips for the upcoming developers. Sometimes. Mark Dalrymple (no relation that I know of), a long time developer and author, put together 10 things for first-time developers to make sure they get the most out of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It’s a great read. If you’ve been to a WWDC or any conference, you’ll get a good laugh.

Follow proper Labs etiquette. The labs where you can chat with Apple engineers are an invaluable resource. It is a scarce, shared resource, so treat it like you would computationaly: pretend to be a mutex. You walk into the lab you want and shout “I AM ATTEMPTING TO OBTAIN A LOCK ON THE MEDIA PLAYER FRAMEWORK ENGINEERS”. If an engineer is free, you’ll hear “LOCK SUCCEDED” from the back, and you can go to the engineer who just shouted and ask your questions. If no one responds wait until you time out, and try again. Expert tip: “spinlock”.

Borkware’s First-Timer’s Guide To WWDC [Borkware]