∞ Dear RIM…

I have to congratulate you on the restraint you’ve shown over the past month. You haven’t announced a new version of the PlayBook that isn’t shipping yet, which is a huge step forward for you.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]However, all is not well in the RIM camp. You need to get your co-CEOs (seriously, co-CEOs?) to stop talking to the press. Or, if you let them talk to the press, at least make them sound like they know what the hell they are talking about.

For instance, Mike Lazaridis said about the Playbook not being released yet that “it’s about always choosing the right moment, the right time, the right technology.”

Really Mike? What you’re saying is that the right time to release a tablet to compete with Apple is over a year after they released the first iPad? You do understand that Apple is already on its second generation iPad right?

Just to be clear, that’s two generations of released products, not the fictional three generations of PlayBooks that haven’t been released yet.

I’m assuming you also understand that the PlayBook, like the other tablet competitors are rip-offs of the iPad. I mean, if RIM is such a visionary company, why didn’t they release the PlayBook years ago? The answer is simple, because you had to wait for Apple to show you the way.

In an effort to show his company and the industry that he has lost all grasp on reality, Lazaridis went on to say that “we decided the tablet market was still in its infancy, it hasn’t really taken off yet.”

Now you just sound silly. Apple sold about 15 million iPads in a year, they are dominating the market, people line up around the block to get their hands on one, and you don’t think it’s taken off yet?

You would have been much better served if you had said something like, “Apple’s tablet success took us by surprise, but we are confident that RIM’s PlayBook will be a strong competitor in a growing market.”

At the very least, you would have looked like you knew what you were talking about. As it stands now, you look like you’ve lost touch.

Co-CEO Jim Balsillie hasn’t done the company any favors speaking in public either. In December, Balsillie declared the PlayBook “clearly sets the bar WAY higher on performance.”

How can that be, Jim? It’s now March and you still haven’t shipped a single PlayBook. How in the hell can it set the bar higher on anything?

Recently I wrote an article “RIM needs to shut up and ship” because I thought your biggest problem was the fact that you are unable to get any products out the door. However, after looking at what you are saying in the press, I think you just need to shut up.