∞ Apple launches 'Joint Venture' program for businesses

Business owners looking to leverage Apple technology to their best ability now have a new place to turn: Joint Venture. Joint Venture connects businesses with Apple retail stores to buy products, schedule training, book appointments, get tech support and enroll in workshops. Joint Venture is priced starting at $499 when you buy a new Mac, and supports up to five systems.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Company training is provided in the form of two-hour sessions – up to three – on topics ranging from general Mac usage to using iOS devices for business, working with Apple software like Keynote, and customizing the products for the business. Monthly group “Getting Started” workshops help business professionals brush up on the basics.

Of particular interest to resource-strapped businesses that have little or no dedicated IT staff, Joint Venture provides dedicated support – Apple Geniuses who business owners can talk with over the phone, to do troubleshooting, order parts and estimate repair turnaround time.

Joint Venture also includes a loaner program, so businesses that need to bring in computers for repair can get MacBook Pros or MacBook Airs for temporary use.

The service also includes a customized Web site for each business that lets you access and schedule every Joint Venture service.