∞ 'Counterfeit' Lugaru game disappears from Mac App Store

Wolfire Games is rejoicing at the discovery that the “counterfeit” version of its game Lugaru has disappeared from the shelves of the Mac App Store.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Last week The Loop brought readers news of a kerfuffle in the Mac App Store involving Humble Indie Bundle creator Wolfire Games and iCoder. Wolfire, creators of the action game Lugaru, have revamped it and released it on the Mac App Store for $10. iCoder released their own version – based on Wolfire’s own open source release – and sold it for $2.

Lugaru HD is a third-person action game in which you control “a ninja rabbit” avenging the death of his wife and daughter. The game has spawned a sequel Wolfire is currently working on called Overgrowth.

From Wolfire’s perspective, it was a straight up case of piracy. Wolfire released the original Lugaru source code as an open source project to help other independent game developers create their own titles, but retained copyright over the artwork and other game elements. Alex Matlin of iCoder countered that his company had “every legal right” to sell their own version of Wolfire’s original work.

Wolfire appealed its case to the Apple gatekeepers at the Mac App Store, but as the story broke last week, Apple had yet to take any action. Now it appears that Apple has decided that discretion is the better part of valor, removing iCoder’s version from the Mac App Store while allowing Wolfire’s to remain.

“We’re not sure who took it down, or what will happen to the customers who were tricked into buying the fake copy, or the money they paid for it. We still haven’t heard anything from Apple,” said Wolfire in a comment posted to their blog.

Wolfire doesn’t want Mac App Store customers to feel caught in the crossfire, however, so they’re offering “an authentic version of Lugaru HD, as well as a bonus Steam key” to anyone who bought iCoder’s version – all you need to do is forward Wolfire a copy of your receipt.