∞ GamersGate CEO sees 'better alternative' to Steam

GamersGate is an online game download site that services both Mac and Windows PC users. The company’s CEO Theo Berquist says he thinks rival Valve’s Steam service is “peaking now” and believes “Steam will have a harder time remaining #1.”

“What we do know is that Steam’s marketshare will shrink in the future and that GamersGate is well positioned as one of the digital distrubtion platforms that has strong momentum to gain marketshare.”

GamersGate’s Mac offerings include major digital releases like Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed 2 and The Chronicles of Riddick, along with many independent releases. It’s an alternative to Steam, the Mac App Store and other download services.

Valve’s Steam Is ‘Peaking,’ Will Lose Market Share, says GamersGate CEO [Industrygamers.com]