∞ iPad looms large in Super Bowl TV ads

While Apple didn’t buy ad space during Sunday night’s Super Bowl XLV, its presence could certainly be felt in two advertisements than ran during the event: one for Motorola and the other for The Daily.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Motorola used its time to introduce the Xoom, a forthcoming Android 3.0-based tablet set to compete directly against the iPad. The ad, evocative of Apple’s legendary “1984” spot, shown during Super Bowl XVIII 27 years ago, depicts a drab, gray world populated by workers in hoods and wearing white earbuds, presumably meant to reference users of Apple products. One iconclast stands alone, ready to use his Xoom to win the heart of a pretty girl.

The Daily is the new daily news publication produced by News Corp. Unveiled during a press event in New York last week, The Daily is, for now, anyway, an iPad exclusive. And while neither Apple nor the iPad are ever directly referenced, the ad shows The Daily being used on the iPad.