∞ Verizon to charge $20 a month for iPhone tethering

Verizon on Tuesday said that it would offer iPhone users the option to tether their computers to the iPhone, but it will cost you.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Verizon Wireless’ Executive Director of Corporate Communications, Brenda Raney, told Macworld that the 3G hotspot feature would cost users an additional $20 per month. With the hotspot feature enabled, users will be able to connect up to five devices and connect to the Internet.

Essentially, the iPhone becomes like a wireless router.

With the hotspot feature, you get 2GB of data, which is above and beyond the data plan required for the iPhone. The pricing for the iPhone plan is exactly the same that Verizon charges for other smartphones it sells.

Earlier today, Verizon said it would offer users a $30 monthly unlimited data plan, but only for a short time.