∞ Do CES vendors fear Apple?

The Consumer Electronics Show doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, but there’s been a slew of announcements from the show already. Could it be that many vendors at CES are afraid Apple will steal all of the press tomorrow when it launches its Mac App Store? Joe Wilcox thinks so.

It’s as if vendor attendees are rushing and stumbling over one another to get out their news before January 6. Now why is that? There’s more than CES going on tomorrow. Apple will launch the Mac App Store. In mid December, when the launch date was announced, I asserted: “Apple crashes CES party with Mac App Store.” Perhaps many vendors fear the same. I don’t recall there ever being so much news before the show’s start. Amazon, ASUS, AT&T, Intel, Lenovo, LG, Netflix, Samsung and Vizio are just a sampling of major vendors holding big press events and/or making major announcements since Monday.

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