∞ iPhone alarm glitch cost woman her job? No, poor planning did

As soon as I heard about the iPhone alarm issue, I knew someone would say they lost their job due to the iPhone. Well, it happened.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]Writing for The Huffington Post, Lindsay Garvey says she was late for work on New Years Eve because her iPhone alarm didn’t go off at the right time. As a server in a restaurant in Somerville, MA, Garvey was prepared to work a double shift on must have been one of the busiest days of the year.

However, when she showed up late, the restaurant showed her the door.

“Now I’m unemployed in a time when jobs are not easily had, and I am short on my rent. So, Happy New Year to you, Mr. Jobs. I hope you remember to shoot me an email next time there is any chance of a glitch. (Just a note, my iPhone bill payment will probably be late this month.)”

Speaking from experience, when I have somewhere I have to be, like an appointment or to catch a flight, I have multiple alarms set. If I’m at home, my wife sets hers, I set mine.

When I travel, I use the iPhone, but I also get a wake-up call from the hotel. In some instances, I also set the alarm clock that’s provided by the hotel in the room.

I feel bad for Miss Garvey, I really do. I hate seeing anyone lose their job, but as an employee, it’s your responsibility, not Apple’s, to make sure you show up on time.