∞ iPad beat out by Peace and Happiness on Christmas wish lists

You knew at some point that something would come along and beat Apple’s popular iPad. Turns out it’s peace and happiness.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]The Consumer Electronics Association released its list of most sought-after Christmas gifts for adults, and not surprisingly, there are a number of electronic devices on the list.

When you look at the wish list that includes anything at all, it breaks down like this: Peace/Happiness; notebook; iPad; clothes; eReader; car/motorcycle; family together; good health; video game system; and money.

If you only look at consumer electronic devices, the wish list among adults looks like this: notebook; iPad; eReader; iPod/iPod touch; video game system; digital camera; big screen TV; TV; computer; desktop PC.

The Consumer Electronics Association predicts spending on electronics for Christmas gifts will rise to $232, up 5 percent over last year and the highest level since the organization started tracking holiday spending.