∞ Adobe: Apple incites, condones negative campaign against Flash

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch lays much of the blame for Flash’s recent woes with the media directly at the feet of Apple.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]”I just think there’s this negative campaigning going on, and, for whatever reason, Apple is really choosing to incite it, and condone it,” Lynch said in an interview with Fast Company.

What’s interesting is that the interview was about an Ars Technica MacBook Air review that showed not having Flash installed saved almost two hours of battery life. However, Lynch doesn’t agree with the findings of the review.

“It’s a false argument to make, of the power usage,” Lynch explains. “When you’re displaying content, any technology will use more power to display, versus not displaying content. If you used HTML5, for example, to display advertisements, that would use as much or more processing power than what Flash uses.”

Apple could have taken that little tidbit of information and run with it, but it didn’t. In fact, Apple hasn’t said a word about the review or how Flash works on its new portable.

It is important to note that Apple ships the MacBook Air without Flash preinstalled. Of course, Apple’s iPod touch, iPad and iPhone don’t support Flash natively at all, although third-party apps have been showing up on the App Store that do enable the technology.