∞ Apple patent shows augmented reality iPhone multiplayer games

If you thought gaming on the iPhone was good know, you should see what may be in the future from Apple. A new patent from the company details augmented reality iPhone multiplayer games.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to a report on AppleInsider, the patent was just revealed this week and is titled “Interactive Gaming with Co-Located, Networked Direction and Location Aware Devices.” The patent describes a way that the gaming system would use the iPhone’s various sensors, GPS and camera to enhance the gaming experience.

The information from one user’s iPhone would be shared with other nearby iPhone users who are also participating in the game.

The patent also says the devices can include attachments. According to the report, the example used in the patent is a gun being attached to the device — it would use the sensors and other technology to target other players in the game.

Of course, Apple receives thousands of patents and there is no guarantee that any patent will actually make it into a product, but this one looks particulairy cool to me.

Image courtesy of AppleInsider