∞ Report: Apple in talks for iTunes music subscriptions

Stories of Apple negotiating with major music labels to bring a subscription service to iTunes are almost as old as iTunes itself. A new report on Friday says those talks are still ongoing.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to a story on the New York Post, Apple executive Eddy Cue has been speaking with record companies to figure out how they can make a partnership work.

Citing an unnamed source, the report says subscription prices could range from $10-$15 per month. Of course, with tiered pricing comes the question of how much music will be available in each level of service. A question that has apparently not been answered yet.

Gartner analyst Mike McGuire said “there could be there could be some demand for [an Apple subscription service], but it wouldn’t be universal.”

[Via Ars]