∞ Apple said to be testing touchscreen iMac

Rumors of a touchscreen iMac are not new, but they are persistent. Another report on Friday claims the technology could be closer to becoming reality. Sintek Photronics has apparently sent samples of capacitive touch panels to Apple for what would be a new iMac, according to AppleInsider. The company is said to be working on screens 20-inches and larger.

Touchscreen iMac (Image courtesy of AppleInsider.com)

“The new iMac is rumored to have a good vertical and horizontal viewing angle, and its projected capacitive touch panel will adopt a one-glass solution, which integrates the touch sensor and cover glass, to reduce thickness and weight,” according to the report.

Personally, I like the shape-sensing iMac touchscreen the best. This is a touchscreen that is designed to “allow users to hold objects onto a touchscreen to enable access, such as for security purposes. By holding an object on the screen, such as a ring or a key, the system would allow users to access certain data within the system.”