∞ Is the Google, Verizon proposal evil?

There has been a lot of discussion about the open Internet proposal put forth by Google and Verizon, but one writer says it is worse than evil. Those are pretty strong words, but Joe Wilcox gives a very detailed rebuttal to the proposal that is a must read.

They say that the devil is in the details. But some things are so evil, the horned harbinger of deceit and doom is an obvious and menacing presence. The Google-Verizon proposal for an “open Internet” is the worst kind of evil, because Google so ardently asserts that “you can make money without doing evil” and the companies convincingly con with a deceitful sleight of hand. Their proposal for an open Internet is nothing of the kind. Google and Verizon offer to grant something people already have (unfettered, wired broadband) while exempting something Internet users want more of (unfettered, mobile wireless).

The Google-Verizon proposal is worse than evil [Betanews]