∞ Yamaha introduces new Motif XF customizable production keyboard

For keyboard players, Motif is a name that means “professional quality” at some of the highest levels of sound quality and versatility for musicians. For nearly a decade, this line of Yamaha products has redefined the standards for the industry by offering more than just a great controller with better sound quality. The new Motif XF models have an internal library of 741MB of WAVE ROM, plus two Flash RAM expansion slots, category search navigation for the samples, and an integrated digital mixer.

Its 16-track Integrated Sampling Sequencer includes 128MB of onboard sample RAM. Yamaha has also included Cubase AI5.1.1 and a VST editor into the package. Yamaha Motif products have an interactive online community as well that includes support and download libraries as well. 

Available in 61-key Motif XF6 ($2,999), 76-key Motif XF7 ($3,539), and “Balanced Hammer” 88-key Motif XF8 ($4,039) models, Yamaha anticipates shipping their new additions to the family by the end of September 2010.